A dedicated server is a single computer fully devoted to the needs of one customer. They allow for faster access to information and provide greater flexibility in software, site traffic management, and scalability.

We can setup a full dedicated server to fit your business needs. WWW server, SMTP server, POP server, SQL database server, DNS server, Web statistics and much more with full remote administration.

Contact us for more information: support @ mycompany.com

Dedicated Server Specs and Pricing

We offer many different kinds of server configurations. You can choose what feed your needs today and than upgrade your plan as your business grow.

All servers include:

  • Linux OS (the most reliable, technology advanced and secure operating system for web servers in the today's market)
  • Complete remote administration thru Webmin (http://www.webmin.com for more information)
  • Standard web servers and tools installed - FTP, Telnet, SSH, POP, IMAP, Apache, MySQL, PHP, SSI, etc..
  • And of course you will be able to install additional softwares you need. (It can be done with webmin)


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